soraru announced a couple of things in his nama just now.

he’s having an acosora tour in may! the website is back: [link] and the illustration in the website is done by tama. he’s having lives in tokyo (may 3rd), osaka (may 6th) and sendai - miyagi (may 10th) original goods for his one-man tour will be made!

the members are: 
vocal: soraru
piano: zimuinG
acoustic guitar: osamuraisan
drums: atsushi and shobon
secret guests will also be showing up. 

in addition, he announced that he’s releasing an album with mafumafu for chokaigi (they’re almost done with it!) they couldn’t find a space though, so they’re showing up at last note-san’s space… (he also mentioned that he couldn’t prepare an album with asunya as everyone is busy, especially suzumu since he’s busy with shuuen)

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A Magical Night and a Wonderful Waltz (魔法の夜と不思議なワルツSako Tomohisa

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i’m still wondering why t-kun stopped using side view photos on the limited edition jacket cover of his singles.


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1 Apr 2014
@kashitaro_ito 今日レフティーさんに会って興奮した

@kashitaro_ito I met Lefty-san today and was really excited

1 Apr 2014
@syounen_t_sako あ、あの会場で?!ともくん、女子高生に囲まれて興奮してたんじゃなくて?!

@syounen_t_sako A-at that place?!…

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Arashi’s arafes and popcorn replica shirts here at https://www.facebook.com/Ohmiai

Vermont curry - HSJ cms

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ただ一つの願いが叶うなら 君は何を望む? 

-Suriru, Hey!Say!BEST

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BEST choooo Kakkoiiiii >////////<

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being a fangirl means having an unrequited love and still being happy for that person no matter what </3

-my life

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Circle of Friendsの金曜ニコラジ!!

Oh wow, now they’re all havin’ some quiz on another room, and they didn’t do skype call too(ry

My i-net connection kinda suck today, so I can;t tell what quiz they’re havin, but I think one of the question is ‘What is un:channel usual BGM?’ lol

See you next friday!

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