@soraruru はいてないパンツもはいてあるパンツも同じパンツなのにはいてるパンツのほうがずっと魅力的なのってなんでだろうな

Soraru: Panties that are worn and panties that are not worn are still the same panties, so why is it much more appealing when they are worn

@soraruru 不思議だ

Soraru: What a mystery…


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Soraru tried to become Mafumafu (2014/06/29)

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After tried to become Mafu, he tried to become Kashitarou but he failed 2014/06/29)

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can we take a minute to appreciate soraru playing dragon quest on his iphone while wearing that horse mask


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sᴏᴍᴇ ғᴀᴠ ᴜᴛᴀɪᴛᴇs

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ダメだったんだ 人類は それは とうに とうに 手遅れで

We’re pretty useless the human race it is already much too late

形ばかり 気にしすぎて まさに 敵(かたき) 見てるみたい 

Always worrying too much about your appearance almost as though you’re facing your enemy

やっぱ そんなもんじゃんか 所詮 人間なんて利己主義で

In the end, I guess it’s like that after all humans are quite selfish

エゴばっかの世界なんて 息を吸うのだって困難で

In this world filled with egoism even taking a breath is difficult

もう 知らない じゃあね バイバイ

I don’t know anymore, well then, bye bye

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@_amatsuki_: 部屋の前ではしやんさんの笑い声が聞こえたから出たらこれww RT @hashiyandayo: 天月の部屋ノックしたら、隣の部屋から「なに?」って歌詞太郎が出てきた。なんでだ。

Hashiyan: After I knocked on Amatsuki’s door, Kashitaro came out from next door asking “What?” Why.

Amatsuki: I heard Hashiyan laughing in front of my door so I came out and this www

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Namahousou recordings dump. Sorry I’ve held onto the top two without posting for so long, so I’ve forgotten what they’re about… and don’t have time to listen through all of them again to post summaries this time. orz

Amatsuki @ deeper deeper 07.26.2014

~30 minutes long.

Soraru Namahousou 07.25.2014

~30 minutes long.

Amatsuki Namahousou 08.02.2014

~1 hour long.

As usual, please do not reupload or redistribute anywhere! For personal use only!

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☪『ユメミルブリキ』 を歌ってみた。by天月


(Yume Miru Buriki by Amatsuki)

This is a collab with Mafumafu

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☪『金曜日のおはよう』 を歌ってみた。by天月


(Kinyoubi no Ohayou by Amatsuki)

This is a cover of the GUMI original by HoneyWorks 

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